Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Story About A Rabbit

A Story About A Rabbit, written by Kurt Schwitters illustrated and modeled by moi!
The story behind the title is one of a transformation. A small brown rabbit that transforms through a variety of animals ranging from a rabbit, duck, boat and flea just to name a few. My idea was to create a rabbit that embodies all transformations, to show that although the rabbit changes physically it is still the rabbit. i also illustrated the story to cement the ides for the viewer, and so they could see/read the book and distinguish each individual transformation of model. Each viewer would receive a pack, that contained a poster, story book and a postcard displaying a photo of the rabbit to take away. (photos are the best i could do, the reality is so much better)


  1. hey, I saw your work at the d&ad show and just wanted to say I thought this looked fantaastic. It's so eye catching and original :)