Tuesday, 29 June 2010

End of year exhibition my stuff finally on the wall and it stayed there too.

my business cards hanging on their tree...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Danse Macabre

So i thought i have a go at making a film. result; lots of stress and complicated matters but thanx to a fab film student the video came together nicely.

Here are the postcards that come with the video, they show film stills and the set design

Danse Macabre from laura hyde on Vimeo.

Self Promotion.

For my self promotion i decided to explore the theme of the sea, a publisher or potential client would receive a package that contains a telescope inside would be an example of my work. and hopefully they would commission me :)

Actual size of poster is over 1.5 meters so please excuse image quality so here are some close ups

A Story About A Rabbit

A Story About A Rabbit, written by Kurt Schwitters illustrated and modeled by moi!
The story behind the title is one of a transformation. A small brown rabbit that transforms through a variety of animals ranging from a rabbit, duck, boat and flea just to name a few. My idea was to create a rabbit that embodies all transformations, to show that although the rabbit changes physically it is still the rabbit. i also illustrated the story to cement the ides for the viewer, and so they could see/read the book and distinguish each individual transformation of model. Each viewer would receive a pack, that contained a poster, story book and a postcard displaying a photo of the rabbit to take away. (photos are the best i could do, the reality is so much better)

A Story About A Rabbit.

Here is the Pack you would receive
The poster inside the package, its basically a drawn image of the rabbit.
Here is the book back and front

Greggory Book

the finished book for Greggory Griggs. Tis very small, so some of the detail is lost maybe i need to re-print it bigger hmmmmmmm......?